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HOPE COTTAGES is a transitional housing facility for homeless mothers and their dependent children.

HOPE GROWS HERE! It is a motto we cherish, as we watch our guests grow from homelessness to loving and hopeful parents and children.

At Hope Cottages, our guests are treated with love and respect, as we guide them toward a life they so richly deserve. We work with the moms to determine their needs and goals. We meet their needs, and develop an action plan to accomplish their goals. Above all, we give them hope. When our guests leave, they have the tools and resources needed to be better parents, self sufficient, and proud of what they were able to accomplish.

Hope Cottages
P. O. Box 97
Harrison, Arkansas 72602

Would your church or organization like for a representative of HOPE COTTAGES  to give a presentation?  We would love to!  Please contact us.  We "HOPE" to see you soon!

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I never would have believed it could happen to me

Typical situation that leaves a woman homeless


Kelsey’s life turned upside-down at age 23 when her mother passed away. Her immediate family fell apart as she struggled through a period of depression. She is the primary breadwinner for her two daughters, but they were evicted from their apartment after getting behind on rent. She and her children stayed with her sister as a temporary fix. Together with the fact that she could not keep her job while at the same time caring for her children there actually was not enough room at her sister’s home she ended up on the street.