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HOPE COTTAGES is a transitional housing facility for homeless mothers and their dependent children.

HOPE GROWS HERE! It is a motto we cherish, as we watch our guests grow from homelessness to loving and hopeful parents and children.

At Hope Cottages, our guests are treated with love and respect, as we guide them toward a life they so richly deserve. We work with the moms to determine their needs and goals. We meet their needs, and develop an action plan to accomplish their goals. Above all, we give them hope. When our guests leave, they have the tools and resources needed to be better parents, self sufficient, and proud of what they were able to accomplish.

Hope Cottages
P. O. Box 97
Harrison, Arkansas 72602


I am a homeless mother, can you help me

Would your church or organization like for a representative of HOPE COTTAGES  to give a presentation?  We would love to!  Please contact us.  We "HOPE" to see you soon!


Hope Cottages Brochure, Past and Upcoming Fundraising Events

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I never would have believed it could happen to me

Typical situation that leaves a woman homeless


Kelsey’s life turned upside-down at age 23 when her mother passed away. Her immediate family fell apart as she struggled through a period of depression. She is the primary breadwinner for her two daughters, but they were evicted from their apartment after getting behind on rent. She and her children stayed with her sister as a temporary fix. Together with the fact that she could not keep her job while at the same time caring for her children there actually was not enough room at her sister’s home she ended up on the street.

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What is planned

What is planned

A Safe Facility for Housing

Support from Church Sponsors

Hope Cottages would not be possible without the tireless efforts and sponsorship of local churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals who are currenting investing in the lives of the mothers and children.

Our hope is that this supportive structure, and the availability of suitable courses, will help individuals transition from homelessness to stability as well as lay a foundation for long term follow-up and support.

Oversight from the Hope Cottages Steering Committee

The Hope Cottages Steering Committee meets weekly to oversee the overall care of the guests. The Steering Committee is responsible for the activities and courses provided for learning, work and life needs, and the protection of the guests.

The Hope Cottages Steering Committee reports to the Harrison House of Hope Board of Directors.

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Project backing

Project Backing

Support from the mayor, chief of police and other public officials

In 2015, the Harrison City Mayor, Mr. Dan Sherrell, wrote a letter endorsing his support of Hope Cottages.

Hope Cottages was also endorsed by Harrison Police Chief Mr. Paul Woodruff as well as by Mr. Steve Womack, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Arkansas's 3rd district.


The City of Harrison was awarded a Community Development Block Grant of $86,000 to Hope Cottages for the proposed building renovations. This began our journey to acquire funding from other grants to complete the project. Grantors who responded to our pleas (lol) include Arvest Bank, Black Hills Energy, Miller Hardware, Petromark, Regions Bank, The Ritter Foundation; we apologize to anyone we failed to name. Individuals stepped up to support us, as well.

The community of Harrison Arkansas embraced our mission to help these families. No amount of words can express how grateful we are to be part of this town, and how it generously displayed its compassion for those in need.


Hope Cottages is blessed with churches, local businesses, and individuals who have committed to sponsor our mission. Sponsors and their volunteers work with the Hope Cottages Steering Committee and staff to produce a loving, caring and compassionate environment for our guests.

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee of nine individuals meets weekly to oversee the ongoing project. This includes weekly updates on guests, working with the sponsors of the cottages, as well as the remodelling of the buildings.

Harrison House of Hope

Hope Cottages is a project of the Harrison House of Hope, a non profit 501c3 organization which has been operational beginning  July 2012 and has actively served the needs of the homeless and jobless population in Boone County, Arkansas. 

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Funding Status

At Hope Cottages, we believe in “Unity in Community!” This project would not be possible without the ongoing support of local churches, organizations, and individuals.

If you want to donate online, use this link:


Donations can also be mailed to

Hope Cottages
P. O. Box 97
Harrison, Arkansas 72602


Harrison House of Hope
P. O. Box 1645
Harrison, Arkansas 72602
Please write “Hope Cottages” in the memo.

And to volunteer,
Contact us at 870-204-5602 to find out how you can be a volunteer at Hope Cottages.

Hope Cottages Story to date:

This premier project of the Harrison House of Hope, Harrison Arkansas, began over six years ago when three grandmothers recognized a need for housing and educating the homeless mothers and their dependent children in this community. A site was secured, the city approved, and plans were drawn to remodel the existing St. John’s Episcopal Day School.

The ground breaking ceremony for Phase One Development was held February 2018 and the renovation began on Buildings A, D, and E. February 2019 saw Phase One Development completed on these three buildings and the first guest and her young son were welcomed into their new cottage. Buildings A and D each have two cottages. Building E has one cottage, the Great Room, and a small laundry room.

Phase Two Development Building C renovation began on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. with a short ceremony to mark this special day in the history of Hope Cottages. Work began on Building C which will house the commercial kitchen, dining room, and the larger laundry facility. Phase Two is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving 2020.

Phase Two Development Building C renovation is made possible through the generous grants from The Ritter Foundation, Black Hills Energy, Petromark/White Oak Station and the Annual Dinner of Hope fundraiser.

Phase Three Development Building B renovation will be the home for two ADA approved cottages, so we can provide services for guests with special needs. Renovation costs are estimated to be $70,000.

Hope Cottages continues to assist guests in becoming viable members of society through education, employment, and housing.

Hope grows here!

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