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Upcoming fundraising events

Upcoming fundraising events

save these events to your calendar & meet us there if you can

On May 4th & 5th the Harrison Country Club Foundation is hosting a charity golf tournament at the Harrison Country Club, the beneficiaries of this tournament will be Hope Cottages and Grandma’s house.

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Hope Cottages
of Harrison

A project to provide transitional housing for homeless mothers and their children in Harrison, Arkansas

"My children & I have no place to stay tonight. CAN YOU HELP US?"

Mission Statement: Provide a safe and nurturing home environment for homeless mothers and their children for a 90 day period, while assisting them to rebuild their lives in a loving, compassionate and caring way.

Hope Cottages Defined: Hope Cottages is defined as transitional housing for homeless mothers and their minor children.

"160+ children living in Boone County presently live without homes"


I am a homeless mother, can you help me

We would love to spread the word. Please contact us if you would like us to make a presentation to your church or organization.


Upcoming fundraising events

I never would have believed it could happen to me

Typical situation that leaves a woman homeless


Kelsey’s life turned upside-down at age 23 when her mother passed away. Her immediate family fell apart as she struggled through a period of depression. She is the primary breadwinner for her two daughters, but they were evicted from their apartment after getting behind on rent. She and her children stayed with her sister as a temporary fix. Together with the fact that she could not keep her job while at the same time caring for her children there actually was not enough room at her sister’s home she ended up on the street.

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What is planned

What is planned:

A safe facility for housing

Hope Cottages was able to secure the former St. John's Episcopal Church daycare center, which provided a suitable location and building layout. We hope through community donations amounting to $400,000 to re-model the building and surrounds to provide a grouping of eight cottages. They will house eight single mother family units in a supportive, safe, nurturing environment during a transitional housing period of 90 days.

Support from church sponsors

We have a vision for local churches to be involved who will sponsor individual cottages. Our hope is that this supportive structure, together with the involvement of case workers and the availability of sutiable courses will help individuals transition to stability as well as lay a foundation for longer term follow-up and support.

Oversight from the Hope Cottages steering committee

The Steering Committee, together with a committee made up of the eight sponsors will oversee the case workers involved, the courses provided for learning work & life needs, the protection of the residents as well their overall respite during the three months residency.

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Project backing

Project Backing

Support from the mayor, chief of police and other public officials

Our Harrison City Mayor, Mr. Dan Sherrell wrote a letter endorsing his support of Hope Cottages.

Hope Cottages was also endorsed by Harrison Police Chief Mr. Paul Woodruff as well as by Mr. Steve Womack, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Arkansas's 3rd district.


The City of Harrison was awarded a Community Development Block Grant of $86,000 to Hope Cottages for the proposed building renovations.


Five local churches, and three local businesses have committed to sponsoring the eight Hope Cottages once the remodelling has been completed.


A Steering Committee of 6 individuals meets weekly to oversee the ongoing project. This includes working with the sponsors of the cottages as well as the remodelling of the building.

House of Hope

The Hope Cottages are under the oversight of Harrison House of Hope, a non profit 501(c)(3) organisation which has been operational for 5 years and has actively served the needs of the homeless and needy in Harrison. The House of Hope Board, together with the Steering Committee, will oversee admissions to Hope Cottages.

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Funding Status

Sponsoring and Donating

Hope Cottage remodelling funding

Funding progress:


We have now, as of January, reached 80% of our funding goal of $ 400,000. So we have completed the remodelling of the 5 of the 8 cottages as well as the community hall and soon hope to welcome the first 5 families.. We thank you all for your generous contributions. Won't you help us reach our goal? See below how to send in your tax deductible gifts.

Donations needed!

If you are a business and have product or construction materials, or if you have certain skills, we would welcome any donations of in-kind materials and labor.Financial donations can be made by check (our preferred method) as follows: Please make them payable to Hope Cottages. Our mailing address is PO Box 1645, Harrison AR, 72602. We're also able to process them by credit card. Simply call the House of Hope at 704-8077 and ask for Bill. If you would like to donate online, please use our online portal, Qgiv:


Thank you!

We deeply appreciate the contributions and committments made by our current sponsors and donors. Recognizing these contributions is our little way to say thank you!


Northvale Baptist Church

Tommy & Vikki Hudson

First Baptist Church

Faith Assembly Church

Stephen Lair

Steve and Camille Turner

First Christian Church

First United Methodist Church


St John’s Episcopal Church

Regions Bank

Ladies Day Out

Junior & Margaret Bandy

Sharon Varga

Roger & Patty Harness

James & Jo Roth

Randall & Deborah Jones

Bear Creek Baptist Church - Women on Mission

Mary Jane Holder

Becoming a monthly sponsor

On March 16, 2017 we had a sponsor appreciation dinner to honor representatives of the five churches and three businesses who each committed to finance the monthly operating cost of $500 for one of the eight cottages. While we currently have sponsors for all eight Hope Cottages, our hope has always been for local churches to fill the gap for personel, interaction, classes and assistance. If your church is interested in contributing in this way, or committing financially as a monthly sponsor should one of these eight positions become available, please contact us:  


A picture taken of our current sponsors and spouses at the Sponsor Appreciation Dinner.

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